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"Peau d'Âne" de Michel Legrand

Théatre Marigny - January and February 2019

Conductor and musical director 

Peau d'Ane.jpg
Peau d'Ane-Saluts.jpg

"Un soir avec Montand" from Pierre Cassignard

Orchestrations and Musical Director

Last Season 2019

Next Tour September 2019


Creation of the sound Design of the entry

7-8 march 2019


"Le Grand REX"

Tribute to Michel Legrand

17-18 April 2019

Grand Rex 2
Grand Rex 7
Drand Rex 5
Grand Rex 6
Grand Rex 3
Grand Rex 4
Grand Rex 1

"Courtisanes"  from Cerise Guy

Creation of the music and the sound design 

Avignon Festival Off 2019


"Music for Attraction Park"

Creation of 40' of Music for Symphonic Orchestra 

CorydalisRecord, CorydalisProduction and Tejix

November 2020 at Corydalis

JAPAN Shinagawa 2019.jpg

"Dressage School Blondeau" - Saumur

Analysis of the horse’s behaviour following the charisma of the voices

With Sophie Barreau  and Nicolas Blondeau

25 to 28 November 

Cheval 1.jpg
Cheval 2.jpg
Blondeau 1.jpg

"Music for Attraction Park"

Recording of the base with Corydalis Symphonic Orchestra

CorydalisRecord, CorydalisProduction and Tejix

December 2020 at Corydalis

Score .jpg
Madly - Francis Lai-Patrice Peyriéras
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